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SHADES OF GUILT in September on the german ZDF, later on Netflix and Sky!



VARES - THE SHERIFF Now as DVD and Blu-Ray!

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The international nordic series ARCTIC CIRCLE has gone in production. The shooting will take place in finnish Lapland, Helsinki and the Polar Sea from 27.11.2017 on until 31.5.2018. The show is being produced by Yellow Film & TV, the executive producers are Olli Haikka, Jarkko Hentula and Milla Bruneau. On the german side the project is co-produced by Moritz Polter / Bavaria. The show is being written by Joona Tena (Finland) and Jón Atli Jónasson (Iceland). Hannu Salonen directs all the episodes of the 1st season. 

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Ferdinand von Schirach's "SHADES OF GUILT"

The 2nd Season of "SHADES OF GUILT", novels by the famous german lawyer FERDINAND VON SCHIRACH, goes on air on ZDF in September 2017! The leading role of the district attorney Kronberg is being played by MORITZ BLEIBTREU.  HANNU SALONEN shot all four episodes of the 2nd season ("Children", "Anatomy", "The Cello", "Family"). SHADES of GUILT will have its TV-premiere on the german ZDF in the Friday 9:15 p.m. slot as well as per Streaming. 

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